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October 6, 2011

posted Oct 6, 2011, 12:44 PM by Sarah Braunstein
[ It's Over! For now... ]

Sorry for dropping off the map for about a week! I spent the time driving to Asbury Park, enjoying some of the best live music of my life, driving back to Chicago, and now catching up on work and all other life things. You can see an album of photos I took from the festival here.

Well, we raised over $9,000 (ten dollars over $9,000 to be exact) for CAWC in one month! Not bad. Note: I will still accept donations for the next week or so AND there are still a few pieces available for purchase on the Buy It Yourself page (all proceeds going to CAWC).

Thank you to everyone who helped make Chicago Uniform Project a success! A mega big thanks goes out to all the Chicago boutiques who helped out by lending their name to Chi U.P. along with  theirtime, clothing, gift cards, etc. You guys made this project different (and dare I say better?) than all prior Uniform Projects and that's pretty cool.

And another big thank-you to the handful of people who acted as my trusted photographers, fashion advisors, morale boosters, idea generators, promoters, and professional encouragers. You are the best.

You can always reach me at chicagouniformproject@gmail.com.