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[ Greenheart Shop ]

Greenheart is chicago's premier eco-fair trade non-profit shop, carrying both fair trade and eco friendly products. Greenheart carries a variety of goods including recycled accessories and handbags, kitchen goods, home decor, gourmet treats, cookbooks, cruelty-free leather, boutique jewelry, fair trade toys, and more. Greenheart believes consumers have the power to affect positive world change by supporting sustainable and fair business practices in their purchasing choices. 

In addition to running a conscientious and not for profit shop, Greenheart has a wealth of incredible, unique pieces. When I visited the store, Kirby Brown let me pick out all the clothing and accessories that I thought would be best for this project. I'm so impressed by their generosity and I'd encourage everyone to put down that mass-produced bracelet/necklace/other bauble and head over to Greenheart. All of their pieces have a story, a conscience, and a whole lot of future compliments. 

Full size photos can be viewed here.

[ Outfits under the Greenheart influence ]

Day 6:
The necklace featured in Day 6's outfit comes from The Andean Collection. Eco-chic and socially responsible, the AC builds trusting relationships with artisans and suppliers, providing each member of the supply chain with wages that enable comfortable living.

The organic materials used to create the jewelry are sustainable

harvested from the rainforest and lowlands of South America, and are a natural alternative to the synthetic beads found in the contemporary marketplace.

Retail price: $68 @ Greenheart Shop

Day 7:
The bracelet featured in Day 7's outfit comes from Minga Imports. Christopher Keefe founded Minga with the goal of
education in Ecuador, increasing public knowledge of fair trade in the United States, and supporting the concept of a sharing wage. This
 provides the artisan with enough money to pay for essential expenses, and enough to reinvest in their families and their communities.

Retail Price: $22 @ Greenheart Shop

Day 8:
The belt featured in Day 8's outfit comes from The Andean Collection. The belt is hand-woven by artisans in Ecuador and the Andean Collection provides each member of the supply chain with wages that enable comfortable living.

Retail price: $68 @ Greenheart Shop

The splashy silver ring-pull bag featured in Day 8's outfit is by Escama Studio, a collaborative design
studio based in California and Brazil. A whole collection of Escama products can be found at Greenheart Shop including purses, belts, pins, and jewelry.

Retail price: $140 @ Greenheart Shop