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[ Masa Kitani ]

Confession: Masa Kitani does not currently live and work in Chicago. However, she is a native Chicagoan, her talents have just taken her to New York City for the time being.

I was introduced to Masa when my co-worker, Mari, showed me the fabulous aprons that her sister recently started making. 

Mari put Masa and I in touch and we started talking Chicago Uniform Project. Masa was immediately on board with the idea of creating and donating a handmade one-of-a-kind apron to the cause. It's a beautiful showpiece for any professional hostess and would look charming hanging in any kitchen.

This particular apron will be available on the Buy It Yourself page on my website. Your "purchase" of the apron will result in a $100 donation to CAWC. Email me at ChicagoUniformProject@gmail.com if you're interested in the item -- and do it quick!

Read more about Masa's story and her dedication of the apron:

My name is Masa Kitani.  I was born in Chicago, and raised in Des Plaines Il.


My Papa was the first person who taught me to sew when I was 7 years old.  I started to make little pillows and dresses for my dolls.  I knew in High School this is what I wanted to do: design clothes.  I went to Harper College, Palintine Il., where excelled in Fashion Design and won numerous awards.  I won 1st place at the Fashion Group International of Chicago’s Midwest Fashion Design Competition and was selected as a top 10 young designer of America to compete in the largest international fashion design competition Junes Creators De Mode in Paris France in 1996 and 1997. 

Once I graduated College in 1998, I ran away with Ringling Bros. Circus and traveled with them for two years creating costumes and caring for their wardrobe.

I moved to NYC in 2000, and have worked in the fashion industry as a woman’s and men’s clothing designer.  Presently I was very lucky and landed a Halloween Costume Design Job that enabled me to extend my creativity.

I do not have a favorite fashion icon I equally am inspired by all of them. I do not love just one era of fashion design.  I consider myself very Bohemian, and I am inspired by everything I see.  If it’s from a person, a garden or a painting it allows me to incorporate it within my craft.

My life’s goal is to be the “House of Kitani” and to start my own brand of clothing.  I have never given up on my ambition. 

The way I started making aprons is because I have been looking for a niche.  An old circus friend of mine, Ashley Simone, started a food show called Foodgasm a pilot cooking show that specializes in Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine.  Ashley also lives in Chicago.  I just started to make her these aprons in end of August 2011, for her to wear on her show, Foodgasm.  I strongly felt this was something that could help me with my dream and hers. 

Once I finished my first set of Aprons I sent pictures to my sister Mari and my Mother.  The next thing I knew I was getting some great positive reaction, and requests to make them.  This is how I met Sarah.

I rushed with this apron donation to the Chicago Uniform Project, because I believe in this cause. 

This apron is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Susan, who took her own life because of an abusive relationship and left her three children behind. The ironic part is my friend Susan, taught me how to BBQ when I was young, and now in her honor, this apron is in her loving memory.  I trust that if one of my aprons could save one woman’s life, and her families; it can change the WORLD!

For any woman who is reading this that needs help.  You are not alone, and it’s not your fault.  There is an out, and the only way to do it is if you want happiness and love.  No one can convince this to you but yourself.

I was just married to my Circus sweetheart from 12 years ago, Tamas Vajda, this past June.  I am leaving to Bali this month for my Honeymoon.

Once I am back in October I am going have professional photography done on these aprons by my friends out here in New York City.  Until then if you are interested in purchasing one, hand crafted by yours truly.  Check out my website.

Thanks for reading.

Masa V Kitani



"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success."- Albert Schweitzer