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[ Miso Vintage ]
Yet another local Chicagoan with a fantastic eye for vintage. Miso Vintage is Christine Gomez's online vintage boutique, full of incredible scarves, dresses, shawls, and other old (but not too worn) treasures.

Christina picked out and donated the pieces for my Day 29 outfit and it ranks pretty high on my list of favorites. Shop local, shop Miso!

[ conversation ]

[sb] -How long have you had misovintage? -Do you make any of the pieces that you sell OR how do you procure the vintage items? How did you get started?

{cg} Miso Vintage started about three years ago.and was born almost out of neccessity. I have been a collector o vintage clothing since I was 16 and even back then I would buy everything I could get my hands on, no piece was ever left behind! After trying to tame my thift shopping habits failing to build up a resistance to vintage I discovered Ebay (and then Etsy) and found a new world of like-minnded, fashion-obesessed vintage-loving people. Thank goodness! Now I shop without guilt knowing that every piece will find a good home (that's not mine!). 

[sb] What are the challenges of running an Etsy store? Would you ever open a "brick and mortar" boutique?

{cg} I would love to have a "brick and mortar" shop but I am not in love with the idea of being shop-keeper. I enjoy the fact that I can get up from my desktop and leave my etsy shop at any moment. I think that a shared space or showroom would make more sense for me and that's what I am moving towards and I look for a bigger space. I would also love to see some small shops around the city start to carry Miso Vintage Supply. I have had the good fortune to be able to partner with a fabulous store in Los Angeles, Space 15Twenty, and currently Miso Vintage Supply label can found there in addition to my website. 

[sb] Do you have a style icon or favorite fashion era?

{cg} Although I have an appreciation for aspects of every fashion era, my heart definitely skips a beat when it comes to the fashion of the 60's and 70's. I love the global influence from those decades realized in everything from the African dashikis to the South American embroidered sundresses. I can alo appreciate that the modern female silhouette was re-interpreted in the 60's and 70's. Ethnic prints and an interesting silhouette, defenitely my style!