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Persnickety is choosy, fastidious, particular, refined, scrupulous, and tasteful. 

Persnickety is also Maranda Powers and here's her tasteful, refined, scrupulous, and fantastic vintage store.



Guess what! I asked Maranda some familiar questions. Here's what she had to say:

[SB] How long have you had been selling under the Persnickety Vintage name?

[MP] I opened Persnickety Vintage in August of 2009, but I have been selling under various ID's and through other sites for around 4 years now. I've been selling full time for a little over a year.

[SB] Do you make any of the pieces you sell or are they mostly found vintage items? What's your process like?

{MP} I make jewelry using vintage beads and components, but the majority of my business is vintage clothing. My process for jewelry making is pretty simple-I make things that I want and that compliment my vintage wardrobe! 

[SB] What are the challenges of running an Etsy store? Would you ever open a "brick and mortar" boutique?

{MP} I have a hard time letting things go sometimes...and my overflowing closet is proof! I'm not interested in a physical store front- I love the flexibility of being online and the low overhead. 

[SB] Do you have a style icon or favorite fashion era?

{MP} There are certain styles of clothes that suit my body shape better than others, so I  look for those in any decade. I tend to build eclectic outfits rather than staying true to a specific era or style. Basically, I wear what I love, whether it's from the 50s or the 90s! 

[SB] Favorite independent Chicago boutique?

{MP} I don't really shop at boutiques or 'regular' stores that much, but a big chunk of my wardrobe comes from other Chicago vintage vendors who sell at markets and pop up events through out the year. 

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