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[ Purple and Lime ]

: purpleandlime is a line of fun womenswear, jewelry, and accessories created by Rebecca George. Based in Chicago, it features a mix of comfortable separates and couture statement pieces with an emphasis on color and texture. Favorite materials include fake fur, wool, cotton jersey, acrylic, and felt. purpleandlime clothing and accessories are easily mixed-and-matched both with pieces in each collection and with items that the shopper already has in her closet.

CONVERSATION: I asked Rebecca a few questions about her work and store.

SLB: How long have you had purpleandlime?

RG: purpleandlime is almost 3 years old, and I love every day of creating fashion!

SLB: Do you make all of the pieces that you sell? What's your process like?

RG: I make all of the pieces I sell currently, from the clay jewelry
sculpting to the sewing.  Learning how to work with new materials is
always exciting so I never get bored.

SLB: What are the advantages and challenges of running an Etsy store? Would you ever open a "brick and mortar" boutique?

RG: There are definitely challenges to running an online shop but I've found that just being very flexible keeps things calm.  The benefits of selling on Etsy to people all over the world totally outweighs any hiccups along the way.  And yes, one day I would love a brick-and-mortar store!

SLB: Do you have a style icon or favorite era in fashion?

RG: My favorite fashion era is the 60's, from the mods of London to the hippies of San Francisco, I love it all!!  Music and fashion go
hand-in-hand for me. 

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[also available at Wolfbait & B-Girls in Logan Square]

**Outfits Under the Influence of PurpleandLime**

Day 10:
Rebecca sent me two buffalo necklaces that I re-strung onto one chain for Day 10's outfit. Her pieces are fun, bright, and eye-catching. Several people complimented the necklace while I was out and about on Saturday, and I got asked if I was the wife of a cowboy (which is a role I can definitely see myself in down the line).