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I came across the work of Kateri Morton (aka UrbanLegend) while
browser-shopping on Etsy. Her pieces are fun and eye-catching, and Kateri donated a few pieces to Chicago Uniform Project. 

--> Kateri was also generous enough to give all followers of Chicago Uniform Project 15% off purchases in her Etsy or Big Cartel stores. Just enter the following code upon checkout: chiuniformproject

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[SLB]How long have you had UrbanLegend?

{KM}I've been designing jewelry with vintage materials for 5 years. The urban legend line was born about two years ago when I got interested in vintage plastics and the dizzying array of color they offer.

[SLB]Do you make the pieces you sell? What's your process like?

{KM}I make every piece I sell (and take the photographs, and print the packaging cards, and cut the ribbons for jewelry boxes...urban legend is very much a one-woman business). My process really starts with materials. Good materials have the seeds of amazing ideas in them, and the constant search for interesting, high quality vintage beads keeps me inspired and thinking all the time about what I can do next. From there, it's all about color - finding colors and textures that sing when they're together.

[SLB]What are the challenges of running an Etsy store? Would you ever open a "brick and mortar" boutique?

{KM}Running a business online offers a lot of convenience and sidesteps a number of hurdles and expenses. One of my favorite things about it is the way it connects me to people all over the world. That also echoes one of the hardest challenges - how to connect with the people who want to know about what I make. For me, marketing is the most difficult thing about having an online business. I enjoy the whole process though, from hunting for supplies to sealing the bubble mailer when I'm sending an order out. (Except for making headpins - the silver bit of wire with the ball on the end that I use to make earrings. I make my own because I think they're much nicer, but it makes me crazy.) 

I have a great time interacting with my customers in person on the rare occasions that I get to do that, but I don't think I'd ever open a brick and mortar location. I'm in love with making jewelry, and the more time I can spend doing that, the happier I am.

[SLB]Do you have a style icon or favorite fashion era? 

{KM}Um...Pulp fiction novel covers? Can that be my style icon? I don't think I really have a style icon, but my favorite fashion era is the 1930's. I'm also a tremendous fan of Art Deco design.